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The Art of Delegating -Essential Tools

   Few things in the workplace are as difficult as delegation - or as important. Anyone in a position of supervision, management or leadership must be able to get results through the work of other people. The process must be reliable and effective. It must be handled without excessive duplicated effort, and it must produce a net gain in output and in the value of the mutual relationship.

      If the senior person attempting to delegate must invest too much time and effort in instruction, direction, oversight or supervisory participation to ensure a satisfactory outcome, delegation is wasteful. "Delegation" that is actually "dumping" is worse. That is a one-way transfer of responsibility without adequate information, authority, safeguard or support. It results in damage on all counts.

     The essence of the challenge is that the senior party's responsibility cannot be given away, only shared; while authority cannot be withheld or transferred, only divided. The relationship is complex, requiring thoughtful effort on both sides, as well as goal coordination and thorough communication.

     Delegation is a special combination of teamwork and project management. When it is done well, it creates remarkable productivity. As a bonus, it provides a very satisfying growth process for both delegator and delegatee.


    Key topics addressed in the workshop are:

          The six steps of effective delegation

          The relationship of leadership and power

          Case: Barney the Builder

          The Supervisor as Delegator

          Self-assessment of supervisory skills

          Interpreting and using the assessment

          The six big issues in supervision     

          You and the big  six      

          Other important behaviors     


          Personal communication    

          Self-assessment of communication skills

          Negotiation in the workplace  

          Effective feedback      



Organizations need frequent tune-ups to maintain effective workflow amid change. Jim has long experience – plus creative tools -- to help executives analyze their organizations, then design and implement better ways.
Project Management is the 21st-century model for managing complex, risky innovations to on-time outcomes within budget. Jim Milliken offers workplace-tested designs in customized formats for onsite implementation and classroom training.
Communication is the lifeblood of human organization, in small partnerships and large corporations – and the pipeline to their markets. Jim provides practical approaches to all the oral and written forms.
Personal Productivity is fundamental, and it consists of skills that can be examined, practiced and perfected. Likewise Leadership and Supervision. Jim has common-sense training designs for dozens of these essentials.



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