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The Workplace Workshops


  The most valued person in the workplace, without regard to title or status, is the one who does what he/she promised to do, on time and to the satisfaction of all involved.   At the other end of a continuum, and far more common, is the person who regularly misses delivery dates, produces partial or defective work, fails to communicate problems or shortfalls, ignores potential assistance and doesn't work effectively with others.

  We attribute the "good worker" characteristics to attitude, and that certainly is a key ingredient. However, there are specific skills integral to top performance, and the good worker's attitude - and work results - arise from such skills. It's a lot easier to have a positive attitude when you know what to do and are confident you can do it.


   The WORKPLACE WORKSHOPS specify the "how-tos" of skill sets we tend to take for granted. These practical training designs, generally in one-day form, make the skills and practices clear in text, cases and workouts.

  The workshops are in four-module designs, meaning each is composed of 90-minute parts that can be pulled out for stand-alone delivery, or for combined delivery with modules from other designs.


   Mastering Multiple Projects, Priorities & Demands is the "superbusy person" course. It is aimed at go-to people who keep absorbing work and attempting to solve problems beyond reason. They often are involved in overlapping responsibilities for multiple projects as well as key continuing functions, often in management or supervisory positions. They are superior workers and don't know how to say no.

  They don't have to say no. This workshop provides them with the practices they need to establish sensible structure in their workdays, set and manage short-term and long-term goals, manage daily time and tasks and maintain productive worksharing relationships with others.

   Managing a Busy Job, an alternative design, focuses on workload management for people who must deal daily with numerous competing responsibilities, not necessarily including management of projects or other higher-level functions.


  The other workshops go into greater depth with more narrowly focused skills, and often are customized for specific groups:


   The Workable Plan for Managing Your Job devotes a day to the development of a personal, customized plan for organizing and managing the use of time. It assumes the participant knows the broader skills of Mastering Multiple Projects or Managing a Busy Job (above) and seeks specific action-oriented steps to implement them.


   Taming Workplace Stress addresses workday management from the aspect of personal anxiety as a barrier to productivity. It combines some aspects of project management and time management with physical and emotional exercises that directly address workplace stress.


   Problem Solving is the basic structure of all rational efforts to manage personal and organizational productivity and change. This design concentrates strictly on the sequence of actions necessary to thoroughly examine and identify problems and develop effective solutions.


   Planning & Organizing details and practices the formats and actions required for effective implementation of projects, organizational change and process improvements. Participants work through steps in goal setting, estimating, priority setting and schedule management for individuals and teams.


   Delegating is one of the absolute necessities for productivity in organizations, but it frequently is ineffective in practice. This workshop lays out the actions of successful delegators and delegatees from start to finish of the process, emphasizing the skills the two parties must be putting to work.


   The Delegator-Delegatee Assessment , a self-administered tool written by Jim Milliken for improving individual skills in Delegating, can be introduced in half-day as well as one-day training sessions. The booklet is available through CRM Learning of Carlsbad, California (1-800-421-0833).


   Teambuilding explains and practices the skills and behaviors that make group action productive, even when the participants are diverse. The practices are necessary any time people have to work together, without regard to whether they are truly a team. Topics such as communication, collaboration and group decision-making are included.

  An alternate version, Team LEGO , conducts the training through a series of exercises using LEGO blocks.


   Meeting Management makes practical sense of one of the most pervasive workplace wasters of productivity, time and morale. While meetings are necessary as well as frequent, they can be managed to contribute significantly to group success while taking dramatically less time. There are sensible steps to take, and this workshop covers them.


   Essentials for Supervision/Team Leadership deals with the particular difficulties encountered by top individual performers who have moved or are moving into responsibility for the work of others. The unexpected differences in expectations and workplace demands are profound and often result in severe limitations on the person's ability to perform effectively in the new context.

This workshop often is expanded into four parts of half-day to full-day duration each. It provides, in easily understandable form, the insights and practices the supervisor or leader - new or veteran -- needs to use.


   Cooperation & Motivation in Your Organization is the workshop for leaders who understand that organizational/group productivity is high when the processes and personalities are organized wisely, led properly and motivated consciously.

This is a one-day look at the practices of "internal consulting" that help leaders develop objective tools for process management and effective means of staff development.

Organizations need frequent tune-ups to maintain effective workflow amid change. Jim has long experience – plus creative tools -- to help executives analyze their organizations, then design and implement better ways.
Project Management is the 21st-century model for managing complex, risky innovations to on-time outcomes within budget. Jim Milliken offers workplace-tested designs in customized formats for onsite implementation and classroom training.
Communication is the lifeblood of human organization, in small partnerships and large corporations – and the pipeline to their markets. Jim provides practical approaches to all the oral and written forms.
Personal Productivity is fundamental, and it consists of skills that can be examined, practiced and perfected. Likewise Leadership and Supervision. Jim has common-sense training designs for dozens of these essentials.



There is no obligation, financial or otherwise, arising from a preliminary discussion of consultation or training solutions.

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