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Advanced Project Management

Prerequisites: Effective Project Management and Implementing Project Management

Third Course in the Project Management Certificate Program

of the Professional Training and Development Program

of the University of Southern Maine

The first two courses in the USM Project Management Certificate Series are necessarily "broad-brush" treatments to introduce coordinated sets of practices for project management as a system, and for the challenge of implementing it in the workplace. A number of project managers, having worked with those practices, are interested in going deeper into the management of high-demand areas of the process. In Advanced Project Management, a three-day seminar-style course, participants share knowledge gained in employing practices of the first two courses and learn skills in:

  • managing project plan and process in the operations phase
  • team management and leadership
  • handling the challenging daily life of the Project Manager

Jim Milliken has provided management and communication consultation to business, industry, and nonprofits throughout the United States since 1986. His specialties include project management, in which he holds the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, problem solving and delegation, business writing and advertising, and negotiation and presentation skills. His work combines organizational skills with nearly 30 years' experience as a newspaper editor.

$510 (21 contact hours/ 2.1 CEUs)
Abromson Center, 88 Bedford Street, USM Portland campus

Organizations need frequent tune-ups to maintain effective workflow amid change. Jim has long experience – plus creative tools -- to help executives analyze their organizations, then design and implement better ways.
Project Management is the 21st-century model for managing complex, risky innovations to on-time outcomes within budget. Jim Milliken offers workplace-tested designs in customized formats for onsite implementation and classroom training.
Communication is the lifeblood of human organization, in small partnerships and large corporations – and the pipeline to their markets. Jim provides practical approaches to all the oral and written forms.
Personal Productivity is fundamental, and it consists of skills that can be examined, practiced and perfected. Likewise Leadership and Supervision. Jim has common-sense training designs for dozens of these essentials.



There is no obligation, financial or otherwise, arising from a preliminary discussion of consultation or training solutions.

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